My inspiration

This one is a hard one to answer but I’ll try. 

I’ll start by saying that my creative calendar is definitely guided by the holidays, the seasons, and  events that I sign up to do like Frida Fest. 

For the last 2 years I’ve kicked off my collections with new Spurs designs and every year they get more fun (in my opinion 🥳). With that collection, I stalk Spurs fans and see what they wear to games. Are they flashy? Ok add disco balls. Are they subtle with the traditional colors? Ok keep the logo but add glittery clay. Those are the thoughts that go through my head. 
of course, now that I’m more comfortable with my embroidery details that started back in March of last year, I add that detail to many of the designs. 

Vibrant and colorful clays are what help my brand stand out so I always start with a base of multiple colors. For me, the more color the better! 
When I’m exploring the city, I find myself inspired by clothing and street art. You may not see it, but I struggle with color pairing so when I see a piece of art that includes colors I like, I take a picture and then make a piece with a similar palette. It’s hard to explain that process but that’s just the way my brain functions. 

Of course my biggest inspiration is Mexican and Asian art as I’ve lived in both countries before.

If you look at my Pinterest clips you’ll find searches like “Otomi style clothing” or “floral themed nail art” etc etc. Go to Pinterest and see the beautiful suggestions that pop up…. Otomi specifically is beautiful! My 2023 Fiesta collection was heavily inspired by rugs and clothing with the Otomi designs. 

And finally, my collections in general are based on things I love like plants and the sun, and fruits, and big florals. Sometimes I find inspiration quickly and other times, I spend hours in the studio doing searches, going for walks to brainstorm, or watching my comfort shows to get me into a relaxing mode. Whatever works right? 

If you read this far, what should my next blog be about? Your suggestions would be very helpful. 

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