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One of the hardest parts about building a brand is just that, branding. Along the way I’ve learned that this means a lot more than just creating a logo and placing everywhere… although sometimes it helps. I decided to give it a try and design some of my logo stickers that I can drop off at coffee shops, my favorite places to hang out at, and also to hand out to my friends. 

I came across a company called All Sticker Printing that’s an online sticker printing company that provides high quality custom stickers, business cards, bumper stickers, and hang tags for businesses, events, etc. 

All Sticker Printing offers a variety of sticker types like vinyl or paper or even bumper stickers! I also got to choose from different sizes and shapes for a very affordable price. If you’re a small business like me, you absolutely understand that high quality AND affordability don’t always come hand in hand so I’m excited to share this company I found. 

here’s the website:

what do you think about the stickers? Do you like? Would you buy? Or tell me, where would you place your Dezynr sticker? 

Happy June! Thanks for reading. 

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  • Thanks for this blog post, I love this blog post !(polymer clay jewelry) ( However you are so goof how do you make so many creative designs? Plus your branding is oof the Charts keep it up!


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