We have a name!

By the end of June of 2020, I had become obsessed with creating. I started off with a Brit and Co class which gave me the basics about working with polymer clay. I would watch hours on YouTube until eventually I ran out of space to create my clay pairs. My next step was to start selling them online so I did! I put the one of a kind pairs that I created on my personal IG page and started selling. Pretty sure I sold 15 out of the 18 pairs I had made so I was very very excited. 

I quickly had to learn about shipping and getting labels, etc. My first packaging details were not the best of course but they did the job. 

It took me a couple of weeks of creating to decide that I was truly having a great time. My paralegal job had turned into a burden for me at this point and working from home was too distracting. I also decided that posting jewelry on my personal page was amateur so I wanted to make a secondary page.

Because my first language is Spanish, I really really wanted by business name to be "designs by Nadia" but Instagram did not allow for a tilde on the username which then made my wording irrelevant. I love to travel and learning new languages so I did an in- depth search of the word "design" on google. I found the word spelled as Dezyn which is Turkish, added my initials NR and DEZYNR was born :) 

** I found some terrible quality pictures and have to share ** 

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