An Idea

It's March of 2020, the city of San Antonio has just shut down due to COVID19 and I get an email that we are now working from home full time.... great. My boyfriend and I had just moved into a new apartment the same weekend that the city shut down and were already bummed that we couldn't go out to shop and decorate our new place. 

Fast forward to May of the same year, I am still working from home as a paralegal and slowly going crazy. My boyfriend's job did not allow him to work from home so he gets to leave everyday. On the other side, I am like a puppy every time he comes home haha (literally!) He comes home and I am talking at 100 miles an hour and just excited to have human interaction.

To keep me distracted, I started ordering everything from Amazon. I got weights to workout (kinda happened), paint to paint (now I paint totes), puzzles, books, and then finally clay. Everything else besides clay was a disaster. 

Thus Dezynr (without the name was born). 

The blog picture is of some of my very first pairs. 

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  • WOW! That is exactly like my journey however you are sooooo great I just wanna buy all of your products!


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